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Virtual Show 2023 FAQS

Q.     Will the 2023 Show be like the Virtual Show 2020 (
A.     We are using the same general format, but have ideas to make it even better!
Q.     When will the new virtual show be available?
A.     We plan to launch the new show late October or early November 2023.
Q.     Who can be in the show?
A.     Membership in the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild is the only requirement. While based in Vermont, we have members from all over.
Q.     How many rugs will be in the show?
A.     We won’t know until rugs are registered and text and photos are received. Only 65 of our ~250 members submitted about 90 rugs in 2020.  We expect to have more members participate in 2023, and this time, members can submit up to THREE rugs, not counting rugs in Featured Collections.  (See below.)
Q.     How do I register my rugs?
A.     The Rug Registration form will be available from April 15 through August 15 at:    This form collects the short answer facts about you and your rug.  Longer text and photos will be submitted by email.
Q.     Does it cost anything to be in the show?
A.     Yes. We are charging $10 per rug to cover the costs of building, maintaining and hosting the website.  Payment for rugs in Featured Collections is optional.
Q.     What if I Prepaid and had my rugs photographed last November?
A.     You’ll receive an email letting you know which rugs we photographed and if you are paid up. You’ll still need to do the registration form where there’s an option for you to say “I Pre-Paid.” You ~can~ switch out rugs, but you’ll have to provide the photos. And, you have the option of submitting a third rug, which you’ll pay for via the form.
Q.     Where do I send the description of my rug and my artist bio / profile?
A.     Email your text to We need all text by September 15, but sooner is better.  A team of editors will review and may contact you if they have questions.
There is a page at of TIPS for writing about your rug.
Q.     Where do I send photos of my rug and myself?
A.     Email your photos – highest resolution (largest file size) – one per email – to  Put your name and rug name in subject line.  We need all photos by September 15 – but don’t wait!  Send them when you can.By May 15th we’ll add a page at of TIPS for getting great photos.
Q.     Will there be featured artists like we had in 2020?
A.     No. The 2020 show took the place of the In-Person show we were planning for the fall of 2020 and we wanted to honor the Featured Artists who were lined up for that show.
Q.     Will there be other featured collections?
A.     Yes! We will have special pages to display the Viewers’ Choice and Jurors’ Awards from our in-person show November 2022.
We’ll have a page to display the many rugs hooked by members of GMRHG that were selected to be part of Celebration 2023.
We’ll have a page to display works by our Youth (under 18).
And we’ll have a page of the Duncan Rugs hooked by members of the Brattleboro Rug Social group and the Quabbin (Western Massachusetts) ATHA chapter.
Did YOUR group have a challenge in the last few years?  If you’d like to display a group of rugs completed for that challenge, please let us know!
Rugs for these Featured Collections can be submitted in addition to the limit of three per member. Payment for rugs for these collections is optional if a member has paid for three other rugs.
Q.     Can someone help me with writing my story, or with recording a video?
A.     Yes! On the registration form you can request help, and we’ll be in touch!
Q.     How can I or my business help sponsor this show?
A.     We will list Business sponsors with logo and links for a sponsorship at the $200 level.
We will also list FRIENDS of the GUILD – personal sponsors at the $50 level.Look for Sponsorship form at
Q.     This must be a lot of work. How can I help?
A.     We have a team helping Barb this time around, and welcome more volunteers to help with writing, editing, and photo preparation. Be in touch with if you’d like to help.

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