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Gathering Pussywillows

  • Hooked by: Tricia Miller
  • Designed by: Cindy Hendrick
  • Width: 15.5
  • Height: 19
  • Cuts used: 3
  • Type:
  • Subject: spring theme of flower gathering by family pets
  • Special features:

Hooked by Trisha Miller

Cindy Hendrick, a neighbor and friend, is the artist of Woodfield Press in Alstead, N.H. Several years ago, when her business was just starting, I asked if I could use one of her greeting card designs to hook. That was fine by her and so several years later, I got around to actually hook the image which is now on the front cover of her recent coloring book. These two animals were actually members of her family years ago. She immortalizes them in her images on her cards, books, cut outs, Advent calendars, etc.


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