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  • Hooked by: Tricia Miller
  • Designed by: Jane Olsen
  • Width: 43
  • Height: 33
  • Cuts used: 3
  • Type:
    • floral
  • Subject: leaf boarder autumnal colors
  • Special features:

Hooked by Tricia Miller

Nancy Blood, my teacher a at a rug camp, suggested that I omit the inner field of the pattern, which contained a bouquet of flowers, and let the rug be one of a dramatic leaf border. Jane Olsen featured “Exotica” in an issue of her newsletter. I followed her instructions to casserole dye the wool for the leaves which made for easy hooking. Nancy suggested one of her spot dyes, sable, a dark brown-black, for the background. The rug was an Honorable Mention for Celebration XV.


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