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Tourist Information Centers


County Map

The state has 17  Visitor Information Centers  :

Links on the page above get you to contact information.

ALL of these locations have bulletin boards managed by employees.  Barb will send posters to coordinator in Montpelier who will get them out to all locations.

SOME of these centers have room for display cases available for artists – usually a month at a time.

Please check the list (link above)  to see if we can display a rug and a poster for a month.     If early summer month is available people might be inspired to come back to Vermont in November.  If a fall month is available, that could be good too,

  • Windham / Guilford /
    When Barb contacted Guilford Center, ONLY November was available.   This might generate a little interest for folks who enter the state Nov. 1-5.    We’ll have a 4′ tall, 5′ wide’ 1′ deep display case to fill up with things NOT in this year’s show.  A large format poster might be in order.
  • October 1 is reserved at Guilford Welcome Center for one (at a time) hooker to demonstrate.  Barb will line up a few volunteers to take shifts.

Use the form below to share any information you have about State Welcome Centers, or your local Town or Region Centers.

Let us know if you arrange for anything….  displaying a rug, or just a poster or cards.

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