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Demonstrate your art in progress

Last summer our “251 Hooking in Public” events were a fun way to get together, but almost always led to passersby stopping to see what we were doing.

Stephanie Allen-Krauss hooks at the Tunbridge World’s Fair.

Some of the Vermont Highway Welcome Centers have space where crafts and arts can be demonstrated.

Coupled with a poster and cards to take home,  these efforts can be fun, and attract folks to our show who might have never heard of or seen rug hooking.

I noticed that events get listed for the State House Lawn — maybe we should look into a public hook-in early this fall — for fun, and to promote the show in November!    Anyone want to take the lead and look into this?

  • Windham, Guilford:  State Welcome Center,  Saturday, October 1, 2022.  Barb and others will take turns demonstrating for the visitors, and maybe convince them to come back in November!

Please use the form to add your ideas of places to “hook in public” — either on your own, or as a group.  We can work towards last year’s goal to hook in all 251 towns in Vermont,  AND publicize the show and school at the same time!


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