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Rug Show: Hooked in the Mountains XX in 2022

We’ve picked a venue and set the dates:

November 3-6 at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, VT

Here are some things we know:

1. The board members who visited the venue are VERY excited about the possibilities in this new venue. 

2. Rug Registration will be online, starting in June, 2022.

3. Rug Drop Off will be Saturday, October 29 – hours TBD.

4. Opening Reception will be Wednesday, November 2,  early evening.

5. We will have space for 8-10 vendors in a building adjacent to the exhibit hall.  Vendors so far include: Dorr Mill,  Nancy Jewett, Mary Lee O’Conner, Pam Bartlett, Lucille Fester, Susan Snider, and Stephanie Krause.

6. Classrooms, a Hook-in Room, and  a Guild Sales Room will be in the same building with vendors.

7. Guild Sales  will be limited to donated and consigned tools, patterns, etc.  but NOT wool!   Our selling wool at the show in 2018 was not a good thing for our vendors.  We plan to have at least one Wool Sale / Swap in the Spring of 2022.

8. We will have a rug school, probably with a mix of 1-, 2- and 3-day classes – with up to three classrooms available.

9. The college has dormitory rooms available for us at $65/room with two beds.

10. The college will help with construction of walls and lighting, so we can focus on the art.

11. Grace Collette and Sandra Grant will be featured artists – you’ll get to see IN PERSON rugs that were featured in our Virtual Show, as well as new pieces.

We also know:

We’re going to need volunteers
to make this work!

A. We will need help hanging the show on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 1 and 2.

B. We will want help with the Opening Reception.  (Need a chairperson for this!)

C. We will need help the days of the show to be at the entrances, selling admission and monitoring Viewer’s Choice balloting.  

D. We will want to have support for the teachers and students in the Rug School. (Need a chairperson for this!)

E. We will need volunteers to man the Guild Sale Room and the Hook-in Area.

F. We’ll want help getting the word out, especially to local tourist  attractions and wool and yarn shops.   We’ll print postcards that can be distributed by our members.

G. We’ll offer ways for you to sign up to volunteer as we get closer.  If you’re interested in leading the Opening Reception team or the Rug School Team, let us know!

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