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Rug Show Workshops 2022

We’ve arranged for six workshops,  three 1-day and three 2-day.

This pdf, a preview of content for the June 1 newsletter, includes Workshop Descriptions, details of additional fees and instructor BIOs:   Workshops 2022

Costs:  $140 for 1-day, $260 for 2-day,  some will have required supplies.

Registration  opened on June 2 at

Here’s what’s being offered:

  • Judith Hotchkiss- Punching with Novelty Yarns and Wool Strips (1 day) – Thursday, Nov. 3
  • Deana David- Art Deco-style Proddy Bouquet with Confetti Background (1 day) – Thursday, Nov. 3
  • Ania Knap- Torn Strip Poppy Rug (2 days) – Th-Fri, Nov. 3-4
  • Rose Raymond- Hooking a Purse (2 days) -Fri-Sat, Nov. 4-5
  • Davey Degraff- Country Landscapes (2 days) – Fri-Sat, Nov. 4-5 – SOLD OUT!
  • Diane Burgess- Learning to Hook Rugs (1 day)  – Saturday, Nov. 5




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