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Virtual Show Planned for November 2020!

The Board has decided to move forward with a different kind of Rug Show for 2020 —  A virtual show that will allow us to share our recent projects,  stories, and even videos about those projects.

Barb Ackemann, our Communications chair, agreed to put together the website for this Virtual Show — but only on the condition that we have great photos to work with.

Photography Service Available to Members

So the board has decided to hire Anne-Marie Littenberg  to do three days of photography  for our members and to ensure that we have great photos needed for the online show.

Ann Marie at work with a Sandra Grant pieceMembers will be able to request this photography service (provided free of charge by the guild) by emailing Jennifer Davey.  A letter to all members went out Thursday July 23 —  with all the details.

We are collecting names and  home towns from members interested, and will schedule three Saturdays in August or September in three locations:  northern, central and southern Vermont locations.

Members will be encouraged to arrange “rug-pooling”  — designating a driver from a local hook in group to bring rugs in the morning and perhaps a different “designated driver” to  pick up rugs at the end of the shoot.

Anne-Marie likes to photograph rugs outdoors, so we’ll be looking for venues with good parking,  some shade, and an indoor alternative in case of rainy weather.

Here’s a link to an excerpt of an article from June-July-August 2019 on Photographing Your Rugs:

Part 2 was in the September-October 2019 issue.

Maybe someone in your local group has this ussue with the full article?






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