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Hilary Farquhar is taking over the Newsletter, starting with the December issue.

News items, recent projects, etc. should be sent to, which will forward to her.

Basic deadlines remain the 15th of the month prior, but we’re adjusting the publication date to the 15th of December, March, June, and September.  If you have content you want to share but can’t quite make the deadline, just drop an email to with your intentions, and she can save space for late arriving content.

Pending the voting on Saturday, November 18, Hilary will join the Board as a Member at Large, and this will give her inside access to the Guild news to share with all of you.

But the newsletter can also be YOU sharing with us….   Everyone is interested in what’s happening in other parts of the state.  Consider having someone from your local hooking group report out once or twice a year.

Barb Ackemann remains the Communications Chair and will focus on the website and improving the Wild Apricot integration.

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