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By Tricia Miller

Would having a Guild member assist you with a project when you find yourself stuck, needing some ideas or guidance on some of the “how to’s?

A new membership benefit is being developed.  Guild members who are willing to mentor are invited to provide their name, contact e-mail and other helpful information such as what style of hooking they do, what cuts they use, how they could be helpful,  etc. to Barb Ackemann at:

This information would be published on the Guild’s website.  Members who would like some guidance could access the information provided and initiate contact.  For this to work, we need people to raise their hands to mentor.

One aspect we all miss right now is getting together for meetings where we mingle, get ideas, inspiration and often suggestions from each other.  This program would be especially helpful for beginners,  less experienced rug hookers and those finding themselves isolated due to COVID with no affiliated group doing virtual gatherings.  Ideas and suggestions regarding the Mentorship Program are invited as well.  Let’s make this work!


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