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Ideas for Engagement

Our membership meeting on January 23, 2021 used an online tool called “Jamboards”  to brainstorm responses to various questions.  It was a fun, and efficient way to get the members present to contribute to the conversation and we ended up with some great lists.

Here’s the list of Ideas for Engagement/Increasing Membership:

  • Post more on our Facebook with links to join
  • Ask people who you see they are hooking in the area, or selling hooking supplies in the area and get them to join
  • Rejoin ATHA so that we can be listed in their regional events at the back of magazine. I always look there to see what is happening around me.  Also, I don’t think we are listed in Rug Hooking Magazine events
  • Post newsletter on our FB group, more people will see it
  • Host a zoom wool sale with stuff from storage
  • Hook in public—let people see hooking happening
  • Wool sale at the storage unit
  • Host zoom classes/seminars and ask attendees to join the Guild
  • Publicize our Guild so that people know our story…newspapers and other media outlets
  • Reduced dues for the first year
  • Lower dues or discount for first year or multiple years
  • Individual members post to THEIR social media pages
  • When someone gets a free kit, ask them to join the Guild when they enjoy it
  • Use the newsletter (beyond the guild news that is needed) to just build a sense of community. Invite members to send something short and specific. Example: please send a photo of your hooking/wool workspace, and in just one or two sentences, describe what you like about it and what you don’t, or what works and what you’d like to change about it!
  • Send in a photo of you and your hooking, and the pets who “help” you! In just one or two sentences, tell us what you’re hooking and how your pet helps you!
  • Do you have, hung or placed, a rug or hooked piece that is your favorite in your home decor? Send a photo with a quick description of the rug and how you found the perfect spot for it!
  • Just thought that asking people to send a photo with a quick remark or two would end up, when put together with others’ submissions, would be fun and interesting.
  • Offer a nice door prize at random to one of the members who sent something in?
  • Facebook page for guild that any member can post to and people need to post to it!
  • Get more publicity somehow.
  • Have Zoom hook-ins.
  • Hook-ins at parks around the state and have parking lot sales for vendors.
  • Links to hooking videos
  • members should recruit through their own Facebook pages (person to persons works best)
  • Also members should use Front Porch Forum or local list serves to promote hooking
  • Guild can hire teachers to teach via Zoom (need to be a member to attend)
  • Save any videos from speakers/workshops with permission.
  • Have a goal to hook in as many towns in Vermont (251 club for hooking); anyone could just   say, ” I am going to X town Saturday to hook and then people could just show up”.


If you have MORE ideas for us, please drop an email to and she’ll add them to this list.

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