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Jamboards – January 2021

Our membership meeting on January 23, 2021 used an online tool called “Jamboards”  to brainstorm responses to various questions.  It was a fun, and efficient way to get the members present to contribute to the conversation and we ended up with some great lists.

The questions we addressed were:

  1. Ideas for engagement
  2. Zoom meetings of our smaller hooking groups — where?  when?  guests welcome?
  3. Volunteers for Project to work on a resource directory beyond our advertisers
  4. Newsletter:  ideas for articles, volunteers to contribute
  5. Mentorship Opportunities



  1. Ideas for engagement.    There were so many great ideas, I’ve made a whole page for this important topic.
  2. Zoom Meetings:
    • Mad River Rug Hookers: meet on Friday mornings from 10-noon  contact Sandy Grant
    • Quabbin meets 3rd Sunday of the month. All are invited.
    • Fiber Bees????
    • Brattleboro—usually Tuesday mornings once or twice a month—contact
    • Contact Jennifer Davey  if interested in our small once a week hook in.
  3. Resource Directory Project volunteers:   Sandra Grant, Lynn Soule, Marty Liptak — Barb will be in touch!
  4. Newsletter ideas:
    • Newsletters will come out early in the months of March-June-September-December
    • Deadline for submitting is on the 15th or the month before issue
    • Suggest we post our newsletter on our FB page. More than our members will see it and it may draw new members
    • Consider links to individual sections/articles. I can provide example of what the local co-op does/Bonnie Dore
    • What to do with heavy wool or too-light-weight wool
    • I’m doing an article on a pattern many in the Brattleboro group purchased. We aren’t finished yet.  Kris
    • This is just a point of fact. I don’t like reading newsletters on the computer, so I’d rather get it in the mail.  So, for me an online newsletter won’t get my readership.  Cindy Baehr
    • Pairs of pictures—the hookers and the art—help us know each other
    • Section for newsletter or web or both for stepping off the edge (falling off the rug) with other fibers, techniques, etc.
    •  for March 2021:
      • Sandy will send 2 articles
      • Suz: article on different types of hooking frames
      • Suzanne Dirmaier/ a piece about her zoom bowl
      • Would anyone be interested in what its like to be a new hooker during the pandemic? Nancy Mongeur/
    • for June 2021: —Sharon hooking group—meets via zoom and outdoors when weather allows. Bonnie Dore will submit/
  5. Mentorship:
    I’ve made a new page about mentorship, and the volunteers will be in a section of that page available only to logged in members.

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