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Yvonne Iten-Scott: Hook an Agate Slice

Hook an Agate Slice Using Copper Piping

Join textile artist Yvonne Iten-Scott as she guides you through creating a unique piece of wall art or floor rug. We will first look at some colorful slices of agate stone to form an idea of these beautiful patterns in nature. Using multiple techniques such as hooking, punching, braiding, standing wool, proddy, quillies, wet felting and sculpting, you will build your piece organically on linen that is stretched on copper piping. You can bend the copper into your desired shape. You may choose to incorporate many different fibers such as wool fabric, yarns, velvet, leather, twine and  roving. You will enjoy seeing your freeform shape develop throughout this class. Your piece may be wall hung with the copper piping left in or you can remove it and finish your rug for the floor.
More details on this class:
1.  Supplies to be purchased from teacher:
     Copper tubing-$4.00 per foot
     Optional:  Linen-teacher will sell, or you can bring your own
2.  Students pick their choice of colors and bring a variety of fabrics/fibers. Teacher will contact each student via email to hear their color choice and she will bring extra fibers.
3.  Hooking frame NOT needed as the copper tubing acts as the frame.
4.  IF students have any of these tools, they should bring them:
punch needles
proddy tools
braiding supplies
hand sewing needles and upholstery thread
    The teacher will also lend these tools during class and may have some for sale.
5.  Bring linen, rug warp, or monks cloth-teacher will discuss with student on size needed.

6.  Teacher will communicate with each student to make sure they have the correct fibers and supplies

Brief Bio for Yvonne Iten-Scott

Yvonne was born in Toronto but has lived and worked overseas in England and Singapore. She now lives in the countryside of Erin, Ontario where she runs creative retreats from her studio and also her shared studio space at The Alton Mill. Yvonne gained a certificate in Fibre Arts from the Haliburton School of Art and Design and is now on their summer and full time faculty. She has been rug hooking for 14 years and is the current president of The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers. Yvonne is a firm believer in lifelong learning and enjoys travelling to teach and take workshops. She is a certified Oxford Punch Needle Instructor and is also a keen rug braider, felter, spinner and stitcher.

Artist Statement for Yvonne Iten-Scott

My current work is multi-disciplinary, combining all the different techniques and fibers I love. It expands on the traditional boundaries of rug hooking while still respecting the time honored techniques. I feel inspired by color and texture and prefer to have my pieces develop organically as I work on them.

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