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Robin Whitford: Mastering Oxford Punch Needle Sizes

Mastering Oxford Punch Needle Sizes: Creating a Heart Chakra Wall Hanging or Pillow top

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level

Workshop Description:
In this workshop, dive into the art of punch needle rug hooking while exploring the intricacies of the heart chakra. Discover the creative potential of different Oxford Punch Needle sizes as you craft a unique wall hanging or pillow top. Unlock your creativity and balance your heart chakra through the meditative and expressive art of punch needle rug hooking.

Materials Needed:

  • Pattern on monks cloth
  • #8, #9 and # 10 Regular Punch Needles and #13 OR #14 Oxford Punch Needle (can be purchased from the teacher @$35 each, or request that Robin bring some as loaners)
  • 4 Shades of Green rug yarn, black and cream Wool rug yarn (eg. Super by Briggs and Little)
  • 2 Shades of green Worsted Weight wool Yarn (eg. Heritage by Briggs and Little)
  • 14” or 18” Gripper Strip Frame and cover  – Any gripper frame that has large enough opening to fit the whole punched piece (larger than 12×12) and any type of cover works to protect their hands and arms.
    Small scissors
  • *PDF Pattern can be sent via email prior to class for students to transfer to their own backing prior to class


  • Fibre Kit (preordered from the teacher) includes pattern on monks cloth and all yarns needed. $95

Artist Bio: Robin Whitford is a passionate rug hooking artist and Oxford Certified Punch Needle Teacher. Having started her creative journey with yarn at the young age of 6 knitting for her dolls, she has never stopped playing with fibre since. In 2020 she launched her rug hooking business Hooking Outside the Lines and the Creativity Club, an online rug hooking membership group. Robin loves to help people connect with their inner artist (even if they don’t think they have one!) as well as celebrate all things rug making, creativity and community.


Artist Statement: As an artist, my passion lies in the intricate crafts of rug hooking and punch needle, but what truly drives me is the exploration of creativity through the interplay of colour and textiles. I draw inspiration from ‘glimmers’—those fleeting, yet profound moments that evoke joy and comfort—and use them as the cornerstone of my creations. I revel in experimentation, as I believe that embracing a variety of techniques is the key to perpetual growth and learning in my artistic journey.

Photo of Class Project:

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