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Neysa Russo: Needle Felting

Needle Felting

Class Description

Needle felting is a simple technique that uses barbed needles and carded wool to decorate a felt surface with design. In this tapestry class, there will be an abundance of designs to choose from and a bountiful assortment of color choices, allowing each student the flexibility to create very personal tapestries that will exhibit the unique characteristics of the artist within you.

This class is perfect for people who want to sample the technique and more complex projects are offered for those who would like a challenge. Students may also create their own design from scratch if they prefer.

Along the way, you will build your needling skills, gain design experience and experiment with color. While we needle, we can talk about inspiration, composition, needle varieties, non-woven wool & the history of felt. You will also gain insight into the basic principles of wet felting in a way that is straightforward and accessible using readily available equipment.

Beginners Welcome!

Here are some samples of Neysa’s work:

Students need…

to bring their cheery selves!  All other materials and tools will be provided for a $45 materials fee, payable to the teacher.

Artist Bio

Neysa Russo works from her studio in Corinth, Vermont, where she combines the techniques of wet felting and needle felting to create tapestries of exquisite beauty and charm. Fascinated by the rich history of design and inspired by ancient textiles from around the world, her expertise comes to life with creative design composition and dramatic use of color. She is an author, markets her own line of kits, and exhibits her work in galleries and teaches.

Artist Statement

My inspiration is derived from a passion for ancient textiles from around the world and through the ages. The technical portion of each handmade wool felt tapestry is created in a three-stage process.

The first stage is to create a piece of felt from carded wool that will be used as a blank canvas. Felt is made the same way today as it has been since ancient times. Wool, water, and pressure are combined, forcing strands of the fiber to entangle. As the agitation and pressure are applied and the strands wrap around one another, a durable fabric is created.

The second stage is to decorate the surface of the felt with design. A felting needle has barbs located on the bottom inch. Carded wool is pushed through the surface of the felt with the needle. The needle has a sharp point allowing me to attain precision and detail when needling the colors.

Once decorated, the final step is to saturate the entire tapestry with hot water and begin applying pressure once again. This allows the needled fibers to entangle with the felt base, unifying the design, and creating a solid piece of dense fabric.      -Neysa Russo

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