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Wed /Thurs Workshop with Susan Feller

Yes you can design. Let’s make it fun.

Susan L Feller, Augusta, WV
Wed/Thurs Oct 7/8, 2020  $225

Come expecting to turn an idea, a collage of items, or even a pattern into your own fiber art.

There are several techniques and especially materials which could add the ah-ha to your next project. Let’s experiment to convey your story. Learning by repeating, Susan will explain how she gradually developed a design looking at the basic elements and principles and combining techniques and materials. The final results in each series are award winning pieces.

Expect to develop a design on paper, decide methods and supplies to use and begin to work on the project over the two days. Class will include demos on embroidery, applique’, painting, manipulating fibers. Perhaps you will leave with a sampler of several new techniques and small sketched pieces. It is up to you. Susan is excited to encourage and share her steps.

Visit to see her work.

Bring hook, frame, materials, backing, pattern or ideas along with notebook, sketchpad, ruler, pencils and colored pencils, even a camera.

Instructor will provide upholstery fabric samples, embroidery threads, acrylic paints and brushes, newsprint, rulers, sharpies, colored pencils and examples of her work.

Registration opens March 10.

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