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Fri / Sat Workshop with Diane Phillips

A Dog Portrait in Two Days

Diane Phillips  
Fri/Sat Oct 9,10  $225   

What love and joy we receive from our canine friends!  What could be better than immortalizing our dogs in a wool portrait?   With a manageable  15” x 18”or similar format and carefully drawn pattern, it is possible to complete the entire  portrait in two days.  We will work on expression, the glint in the dog’s eyes,  a glistening nose, a hint of whiskers, and an expressive mouth. We’ll discuss how to hook short and long hair directionally for the best effect.

As with all hooked rugs, color is our most effective tool. I hook my dog portraits with realistic colors and some artistic colors thrown in.  I love that look and will try to convince you to try some interesting color choices. White dogs need at least three different whites , plus a few tiny hints of other colors such a grey, taupe, gold,  or other pastels.  Black dogs work wonderfully with several shades of black plus tiny bits of dark, dark greens, blues, and purples.  Oh, what we can do with gold and red dogs or tri- color beasties!  A variety of textures and marbleized wool will be available for purchase. There will be plenty of choices as well as specialty wools, such as those which simulate whiskers.

Upon registration you will receive instructions on how to select a pose and create a great pattern.  A custom pattern could also be drawn for you for a fee. And yes, you can also hook your cat or rabbit or goat or cow.


Come and hook your Best Friend in beautiful Vermont with a gorgeous rug show to inspire you.  With every dog comes a story, so we will have a warm and interesting workshop. Diane Phillips



Registration opens March 10.

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