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2022 Rug Show Registration

Important!  Rug Registration Closed October 15, 2022.


I’ve registered already –  Jump me down to the Drop Off information!

You must be a current member of the Guild to exhibit in our shows.  Join here.
For the show in November of 2022, members will pay a $15 registration fee that covers ONE or TWO rugs.

“Juniors” (up to age 18) may submit rugs to be exhibited, under the “sponsorship” of a dues-paying member.   The “Juniors” are not “members” but have special permission to exhibit work. This is an offer for this show only and may or may not be repeated. Any dues paying Guild member may sponsor a “Junior “who wants to display a rug in the November show.  One or two rugs by the “junior” may be in addition to rugs submitted that are hooked by the member.  The member will pay a $15 registration fee for each person exhibiting one or two rugs.

After you submit your first rug, you’ll see a page with a link to return to Rug Registration to submit your second rug.

Award winners from 2018 and 2020 are invited to have their rugs shown again.  We ask that you  submit registration forms for each award winning rug so that we can generate #s and labels.  These would not count as your ONE or TWO rugs for this show.

NOTE:  It IS permitted for members to choose to re-show rugs that were already in the 2020 Virtual Rug Show.  We don’t usually allow repeat showings except for award winners, but since 2020 was not “in person” we will allow it this time.

We also invite all of our members to exhibit rugs done for our 2021 “Door” Challenge.   Register each rug, but these Door rugs would not count as your ONE or TWO rugs.

NEW THIS YEAR:  Instead of uploading a photo of your rug in this form,  we ask that you write your name and the title of the rug in 1″ letters on a card or piece of paper and take a photo of your rug, with that sign  in the picture.  Since most photos are taken with phones these days, it will be easy to email that photo to    These images are for insurance purposes, not publication, so the small file size option is best.

A checkbox on the form will let you confirm that you’ve done this.

The final checkbox on the form which asks you if you have proofread your entry serves two purposes:

  1. It means the form will not be submitted accidentally before you get to the end,   and
  2. It reminds you that the descriptive text you submit will be displayed AS IS  at the show.   Fixing the typos is on you!

A note about how we hang rugs…

Our usual way of hanging rugs is to nail strips of carpet tacking to the plywood walls and then let the teeth of those strips hold the rugs.  Extra large rugs or irregularly shaped rugs may require small brads to be nailed through the rug.  We do not need you to attach a sleeve for a dowel as you might for a quilt show.  If your piece is framed or if there are special considerations, please make a note of that in the registration form.


Rug Drop Off

9:00 – 2:00 pm at Alumnx Hall, 45 College Street, Montpelier, on the campus of Vermont College of Fine Arts

On rug drop off day October, 29, 2022, you’ll be given a tag with your rug information and a safety pin to attach  to the  CENTER of the TOP side of the rug.  It’s important that anyone other than yourself dropping off the rug, knows which side is the TOP!  This helps the volunteers who will be hanging the rugs.

Information for Shipping Rugs

  • Shipped rugs must be received no earlier than Monday, 10/17/2022 and no later than Friday, 10/28/2022.
  • Send shipped rugs to Suzanne Girouard, 23 Garden Dr, Jeffersonville, VT 05464.
    Include a check payable to GMRHG for the registration fee, and optional virtual show fees,

Virtual Show 2023

We have decided to follow up this show with a Virtual Show in the spring of 2023, following the same format as our RugShow2020.

Members will be able to submit ONE or TWO rugs for the Virtual Show, with a fee of $10 PER RUG.   Registration for the Virtual Show will be open from December 1, 2022 through January 31, 2023, with the show launching  in April or May 2023.

IF you want to display the SAME rugs in November and in the Virtual Show,  the Guild will offer photography in Montpelier between Rug Drop-off (October 29) and the hanging of the show.   There is a check box in the form below for you to indicate your plan to display this rug in BOTH shows and you’ll prepay your Virtual Show registration fee at Rug Drop-off.   If you choose to submit DIFFERENT rugs for the Virtual Show, you’ll have to supply the high resolution, high quality images in that registration process – December through January, 2023.

For an additional $10 per rug, we will send you the high resolution image files for your own use such as submission  to Celebration.  A check box on the form below lets you indicate if you want this option.

Payment at Rug Drop-off, or sent in with rugs that are mailed.

Payment for all options will be accepted as a check payable to GMRHG  when you drop off your rug.

That check will be for $15 per member,   with optional $10 per rug for virtual show, and $10 per rug for high resolution image files depending on your choices.   No charge for past award winning rugs submitted for exhibition in 2022 or for “Door Challenge” Rugs.

Option to print registration form and mail it in

We’ve simplified the online registration by eliminating the need to upload images.  If you still prefer to fill out a paper form,  you can download the 3-page 2022-Rug-Registration-Form, and mail it to Suzanne Girouard, 23 Garden Dr, Jeffersonville, VT 05464.    It must arrive by October 15, 2022.  Plan ahead for slow postal service!

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