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Thursday Workshop with Anne Cox


Thursday Oct 18 (9:30-4:30) -1 day workshop, includes lunch
Anne Cox

Anne CoxI think of doing a hooking project without a pre-established pattern somewhat akin to acrobats or high wire walkers who work without a safety net. It is dangerous, exciting, and dependent on the individual’s confidence that he or she will manage the task at hand. For me, one fun part of making rugs is the design itself, and I have evolved a process that keeps me engaged in design throughout the whole project rather than just at the beginning when I set out a design. So the design part of my mind is engaged throughout the whole process. (Unlike acrobats without a net, we can always take out sections that don’t work and start again.)

In this class I hope to help rug artists with an approach to rug-making that is playful and fluid, as the design evolves on the backing. We will start with a blank piece of backing material and then see where things go. Each participant should leave the workshop with a start on a rug and a notion of how to play with evolving design images.

Bring to the class a blank piece of backing material ready to hook, a photograph or image that is the inspiration for your piece, and wool in the palette you would like to use. In addition to your regular hooking tools, a sharpie marker might be handy (or not). You might like to keep this a small project, the size of a pillow perhaps.

Registration opens March 1.

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